How to Backup iPhone Files?

iPhone Backup for Machintosh

iPhone is one of the latest technology of market but it come most popular device in the world. Million of music and video lover want to buy this portable media device. But people are getting problem when they loss thousands of video files in a moment either by hard drive crash or virus attack. What are the solutions of this problem? Only one solution is making backup of data somewhere. iPhone is introduced by Apple Inc. and its own file format so if you want to backup its files in PC by copying files, it does not allow. One of the fastest solutions introduced in market that is iPhone Backup Software. iPhone Backup Software is very useful to make Backup of iPhone data.

iPhone Backup Mac is very necessary for any iPhone users, this software is used to copy iPhone files into Mac PC. There are many benefits of this software. If you have backup of your old videos in PC then you can easily upload new Videos and extend your choice with latest videos. Some of the situations always come in front of you like your friend buy new iPhone and you want to transfer music files old iPhone to new one then if you have backup your data the n you can easily do this work.

iPhone backup Mac is a great tool that provide easily backup of images, videos, songs, contacts, maps and much more. It provides you very easy tool for copying iPhone files into Mac Pc. The software is very user friendly and relevant in use. Try the demo version of iPhone backup Software. It is very useful for those you love to make collection of songs, videos; they feel secure using iPhone backup for Macintosh. Remove frustration of loosing data by making backup of files in Macintosh PC rita.
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LED Color Changing Faucet Light - Deluxe Edition

LED Color Changing Faucet Light - Deluxe Edition

Author: Raphael Hidalgo
LED color changing faucet head with HOT, WARM, COLD water detection colors.

This faucet head will change color with the temperature of the water, ensuring you know by sight exactly what to expect before you wash your hands, brush your teeth, shave, or wash the veggies. Even flashes red if the water is too hot (above 45 deg C) so you do not burn yourself. Great for retrofitting or use in new installations, this faucet light can be appreciated for both its usefulness and fun.

Bathroom retrofitting projects are expected to be quite popular in the next few years as people look to save money by staying home instead of going on expensive trips. By featuring the CVSCL-8104-Deluxe lighted faucet head in your store, you can both dazzle your customers and cash in on the upcoming boom of stay at home improvement projects. As always, it is in stock and available for bulk quantity orders, from your source for wholesale direct from China products, Chinavasion.

At a Glance...
  • This is a color changing, temperature sensitive water faucet head with LED Light.
  • A truly creative way to make your bathroom or kitchen a little more interesting and safe.
  • This deluxe edition uses the water pressure to power the light - no need for batteries.

LED Color Changing Faucet Light - Deluxe Edition LED Color Changing Faucet Light - Deluxe Edition LED Color Changing Faucet Light - Deluxe Edition
LED Color Changing Faucet Light - Deluxe Edition LED Color Changing Faucet Light - Deluxe Edition LED Color Changing Faucet Light - Deluxe Edition
LED Color Changing Faucet Light - Deluxe Edition

China Manufacturer Specifications

  • Primary function: Faucet head with water temperature indicating LED light
  • Water flow: Up to 2.0 gallons per minute
  • Faucet head colors/temperature:
    - GREEN; <=25deg C
    - BLUE; 25-35 deg C
    - RED; 35-45 deg C
    - FLASHING RED; >45 deg C
  • Primary Material: Aluminum with chromium plating
  • Dimensions: 40mm x 55mm (diameter x height)
  • Manufacturer Ref: Z9H0B0LSREOY
  • Catalog Ref: LED color changing faucet head, LED colored faucet light, Retrofit faucet head with LED lights

Other Features:

  • This deluxe edition uses the water pressure to power the light - no need for batteries.
  • Easy retrofit installation, just twist off your existing faucet head and replace with the new one
  • Did you think you couldn't make something like your water faucet fun? Well, when water runs through this one, it lights up! A treat for both the young and old alike.

Package Contents:

  • Model CVSCL-8104-Deluxe LED faucet light
  • Universal Threaded Adapter
  • Installation / Quick Start Guide - English

  • Manufacturer and Origin: China
  • Login for Wholesale Discount Price

Visit the website: http://www.boutic.power-heberg.com
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Even lower prices available for you if you're ordering in larger wholesale quantities. Get your samples first then contact us for your personal discount quotes!

If you wish to make comments or reviews about this product, please use the product review. Please feel free to open an inquiry ticket if you have questions about this product.

Current Reviews: 4 This product was added to our catalog on Friday 19 December, 2008.

Reviews for: (LED Color Changing Faucet Light - Deluxe Edition)

good product by DJITNI farid on 07/08/2009: works perfectly and very good product for the price thank you

Perfect - FIVE STARS by Viktor Solovej on 05/28/2009: Great thing!!! All the friend are asking about a place to buy it. Washing hand twice often now :-).

Useful in prevention of scalding by hot water by Ong Hock Chye on 04/12/2009: Had been scalded by the tap hot water before, when one used the hot water to wash oily dish and left, next I come along to wash hands, when hot water is still in the tap. Visual indication of the water is very useful in prevention of such an incident.

amazing product for the kitchen by William Dell on 01/07/2009: Really works great and of high quality. Good warning on water temp. for washing dishes. great product About the Author:

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China Electronics Wholesale and Dropship: Gadgets, Cell Phones, Car DVD Players, Digital Cameras, Digital Camcorders, MP4 Players, MP3 Players, Spy Cameras, Security Products, PC Accessories, and more.(artikelbase)

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A Comparison of CRT, LCD and Plasma Display Technologies

A comparison of the key differentiators between CRT, LCD and Plasma Display technology is listed below:
CRT Technology
LCD Technology
Plasma Display
♦ A cathode ray tube (CRT) is a specialized vacuum tube in which images are produced when an electron beam strikes a phosphorescent surface.
♦ CRT colour monitors have three electron guns, one red, one green and one blue, which combined produce three overlapping images.
♦ LCD (liquid crystal display) technology is comprised of either a passive matrix or an active matrix display grid. The current in an active matrix display can be switched on and off frequently (quick screen refresh time) Some passive matrix-LCDs have dual scanning capability (double the scan capability in same amount of time as the original technology).
♦ A plasma display is a computer video display in which each pixel on the screen is illuminated by a tiny bit of plasma or charged gas. Plasma displays are thinner than CRTs and brighter than LCDs. Sometimes marketed as "thin-panel" displays; plasma units can be used to display either analog video signals or modes of digital computer input.
Physical Size
♦ Bulky and heavy, due to tube.
♦ Compact and lightweight.
♦ Very thin screen. Ensures maximum space efficiency.
♦ Able to adjust screen for vertical or horizontal viewing (in most cases)
♦ Thin and compact. Some models are only 3-inches wide and are most commonly used as televisions
Display Size
♦ A 17-inch CRT has the viewing area of approximately 16-inches (325.4 * 244.1 mm)7
♦ Weight – 22.5 kg Gross
♦ A 15-inch LCD typically has a comparable viewing size of a 17-inch CRT unit (307 * 230 mm)8
♦ Weight – 7.1 kg Gross
♦ Larger than both CRTs and LCDs
♦ Ranges from 40 to 61-inches, at time of report
♦ Many are capable of unlimited colours
♦ Many are capable of unlimited colours
♦ Unlimited Colours
♦ CRT monitors are capable of running multiple resolutions.
♦ Maximum – 1280 * 1024 60Hz
♦ LCD monitors will work well in one resolution – reducing eyestrain – but many offer multiple settings.
♦ Maximum 1024 * 768, with 13 Preset modes, 10 user modes
♦ High Resolution
♦ A non-issue
♦ LCD monitors are backlit and have different levels of brightness.
♦ 250 cd/mz (typical) & 200 cd/mz (minimum)
♦ Different levels of brightness, examples include 200cd/m2 and 370cd/m2
Viewing Angle
♦ Sports a wide viewing angle, especially horizontally.
♦ Horizontal is +/- 60 degrees. Vertically is +/- 45 degrees.
♦ An issue constantly being addressed.
♦ Wide angle
Radiation Controls
♦ Low Radiation – MPR II, TCO-99
♦ Low Radiation
♦ TCO-99 compliant (Industry standard)
♦ Does not emit radiation, due to gas plasma technology
Power Consumption
♦ High levels
♦ 105 Watts (W) – Normal Setting, 15 W Standby and Suspend modes, 3 W off
♦ Lower levels, resulting in lower energy costs both for air conditioning and initial expenses
♦ 36 W On, 3 W Suspend, Standby and Off positions
♦ Low levels, due to the technology used.
♦ Lowest price of all monitor technologies. An example of pricing includes a 17-inch model available at approximately $300.
♦ Moderately priced. A 15-inch model for approximately $600
♦ Premium pricing. A 42-inch model had a suggested list of $7,995 US in Q4-01.

7 The 17-inch CRT referenced is LGE’s Flatron ® 775FT
8 The 15.1-inch LCD unit referenced is LGE’s Flatron ® 563LS

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